Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park / WSP ARCHITECTS

Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park/ WSP ARCHITECTS


Conclusion year of this architecture task.

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Area of this architecture project.

250133 m ².


Manufacturers: Grow Tech, Jinba Building Materials, Xinyi Glass.

Gang Wu, Ling Chen.


© Gao FengText description offered by the designers. The task is situated in the high-end production cluster in the south of Zhengzhou airports economic thorough speculative zone. This industrial cluster is the largest R & & D, development, production, and entrepreneurship base of life science and biomedicine in Henan Province, which is invested and built by the government and covers an overall area of 2000 mu. Humankind and modernity meet here, and market and life combine. This task is Phase I in the biomedical sector of the industrial cluster location. Stage I covers a location of 181.6 mu. It is situated in the north of Huanghai Road, the east of biotechnology 1st Street, the south of industrial 1st Road, and the west of biotechnology 3rd Street. With an overall building area of 250000 square meters, it was officially started in May 2017, consisting of a civil service platform, incubation center, pilot production group, large-scale production plant Exclusive logistics system, exhibition center, and ideal living supporting facilities.Courtesy of WSP ARCHITECTSPlanning. The planning and style of the park face terrific obstacles: integrate the preparation and design principles with the requirements of clinical research and production procedures in the biomedical market for area carriers, and advanced total imaginative options from macro planning conception to area scene building, and then to the awareness of construction details, totally presenting the distinct qualities of biomedicine, a state-of-the-art field from practicality to aesthetics.Courtesy of WSP ARCHITECTSThe park is divided into south area and north area according to its function. The middle life axis connects the North-South dialogue through a free walking curve so that the park forms a unified whole. The south side of the living landscape axis is dominated by point type high-rise R & & D incubation and speculative items, supplemented by living supporting groups, the north side is dominated by modular pilot test groups and plants, and the main part is dominated by the smart body of the exhibition center and high-end accomplishment transformation laboratory. The clear function and structured zoning are in line with the operation law of the biomedical market, forming a total brand-new pharmaceutical industrial park incorporating ecology, production, and life. At the exact same time, the park adopts the preparation technique of a little block thick road network, which not just makes sure spatial operation performance but also increases the versatility of home assets versus future market threats. © Gao Feng © Gao Feng01 Exhibition Center – DNA double helix. The style of the exhibit center is inspired by the renowned sign in the field of the modern-day biomedical market – hereditary DNA double helix. The outside of the building is coiled from the ground waterscape to the roofing platform through spiral continuous metal shutters, with an overall of 3 floors. The primary body is 3 ellipses with various functions, turning in different instructions, forming a variety of intriguing spaces. The outside and indoor double helix structure fulfills the visual requirements of all instructions and forms an unlimited continuous plastic form. © Gao Feng © Gao FengThe interior decoration continues the style language of architectural look, extends the spiral curve to the indoor atrium, makes the going to ramp spiral as much as the leading flooring, and derives the type of wind and the ripple of water through the combination of spiral form and natural surroundings. It can fulfill the functions of achievement screen, foreign exchange, and expert meeting in the park, and incorporates ecology, landscape, and architecture. © Gao Feng02 Incubation Building – Rhythm Of Life. In order to meet the requirements of establishing a criteria in the emerging cities of the airport port area, all skyscrapers are utilized on the side of the South District adjacent to Huanghai Road. Especially for the incubation building 80 meters high near the primary entryway, the exterior takes the silver-white vertical aluminum plate line with the metaphorical significance of “rhythm of life” as the main aspect, combined with the shape modifications of the glass curtain wall in the main body and corners, forming a landmark architectural image with a sense of future and science and technology, which remains in line with the impression of the biomedical market. © Gao FengThe incubation structure center is a public laboratory, the podium structure brings massive conferences, and the second and third floors are a public technology service platform. Above it is an innovation and entrepreneurship base for biological innovative enterprises, which offers the entire process development power for growing enterprises. The vertical lines on the facade continue to the conference center roofing system on the north side of the tower at one go, forming a complete background of the entrance square. Other high-rise structures in the South District embrace aluminum plates integrated with glass curtain wall facades to form an unified and coordinated commercial neighborhood atmosphere. © Gao Feng03 Academician Workstation – High-End Achievement Transformation Center. The novel and unique arc-shaped green plant roofing is integrated with the landscape system of the central landscape axis to realize the incorporated man-made landscape architecture. This center is a top-level exclusive space tailored for the leaders of the Zhengzhou biomedical industry. The high-end customized area includes the potential of high-quality investment tourist attraction, is the weight and provider to boost the real commercial strength of the park, and develops a top quality hardware environment for the intro and integration of regional resources. © Gao FengProduction Supporting Facilities. The North District generally concentrates on pilot tests and production workshops, and meeting the procedure is the very first objective of these structures. The design requires to resolve the procedure requirements such as the specific flooring height, column-span and structural load of the area, the area of special cooling devices, the treatment and safe discharge of waste gas and wastewater, the organization of cargo transport improve, and the appropriate conservation of hazardous chemicals. WSP ARCHITECTS has actually brought out planning and design in stringent accordance with appropriate nationwide and commercial requirements and the useful requirements of enterprises. It has embraced the characteristic home right “windmill group”, which can be divided and combined to fulfill the requirements of business experiment and production, and develop a bearing platform for the whole commercial chain. © Gao FengThe park provides R & & D and production space with various floors to satisfy all the requirements of biomedical business for office, R & & D, pilot test, and large-scale production. It can support the entry of various massive production devices, geared up with professional landing services and the most detailed production warranty. At present, Zhengzhou Linkong biomedical park, together with the worlds leading groups in the field of biomedical macromolecular PD and small particle CMC preparations, has collectively developed a nationwide scarce public technical service platform for biomedical industrialization and become a ballast for industrial innovation in the park. © Gao FengLiving Facilities. Combined with the block scale, the style organizes these buildings into a series of yards, which are filled with landscapes with various styles to fulfill the requirements of clinical scientists for a high-quality working environment. In early summertime, Zhengzhou airport biomedical park is verdant. Dynamic sports signs can be seen all over on the tennis court, health routes, and both sides of the road in Central Park. The south location of the exhibition and the park center are equipped with staff restaurants. The design of the restaurant in the exhibition center introduces nature into the area and complies with the gurgling water of the water drape to create an unwinded and comfortable dining environment, which allows people to relax and delight in here, a pure area with sunlight and nature. The warm wood with soft lights echoes with the green plants outside the window, forming an ecological, warm and comfortable area, complete of humanistic care. © Gao FengZhengzhou Linkong biopharmaceutical park has actually been approved as Zhengzhou community and Henan Provincial incubators up to now and has been awarded the very first batch of pilot bases in Henan Province and Zhengzhou micro-enterprise and little park. Depending on the benefits of the airport speculative location, it will collect more than 300 biological enterprises, attract more than 10000 professionals and recognize an overall output worth of 100 billion yuan, Gradually build the park into a biomedical market base integrating R & & D, incubation, production, logistics, and sales, and become a leading base of the biomedical market in our province and a nationally well-known biotechnology development base. © Gao Feng.

Lead Architects:.

The preparation and design of the park face fantastic difficulties: combine the preparation and style principles with the requirements of clinical research and production processes in the biomedical market for space providers, and put forward complete creative solutions from macro preparation conception to area scene building and construction, and then to the awareness of building information, fully providing the unique attributes of biomedicine, a high-tech field from usefulness to aesthetics.Courtesy of WSP ARCHITECTSThe park is divided into south location and north location according to its function. The clear function and streamlined zoning are in line with the operation law of the biomedical industry, forming a complete new pharmaceutical industrial park incorporating life, production, and ecology. In early summer, Zhengzhou airport biomedical park is verdant. The south location of the exhibition and the park center are equipped with staff dining establishments. © Gao FengZhengzhou Linkong biopharmaceutical park has been approved as Zhengzhou local and Henan Provincial incubators up to now and has actually been awarded the very first batch of pilot bases in Henan Province and Zhengzhou small and micro-enterprise park.

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