This Tongue-Like Robot Gripper Can Slurp Its Way Into Tight Spaces

Its why one of the most sophisticated robotics style companies on the planet, Boston Robotics, developed its Spot to look and function like a pet dog, and its Atlas to move like a human parkour master.Its likewise why researchers at the University of New South Wales– or UNSW– took motivation from animals like elephants and snakes to develop a versatile robotic gripper made of soft fabric that can wrap around things to safely hold and lift them without causing any damage in the process. While the gripper is a terrific example of biomimicry, its also created to be an alternative to more traditional robot grippers created and built to work like a humans hand using several fingers that can bend with restricted movement.”Photo: UNSW EngineeringG/O Media might get a commissionAs much as we like to think that we, as people, represent Mother Natures most optimal design, this grippers ability to totally wrap around an object like a deal with improves surface area contact and increases its holding force, making it harder for an item under weight to mistakenly slip out of the grippers grasp.

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