‘Several’ people injured in Texas industrial park shooting, suspect still at large

'Several' people injured in Texas industrial park shooting, suspect still at large

Cops are browsing for a gunman who hurt several people in a shooting near a commercial park in Bryan, Texas.Officers responded to a call reporting a shooting at around 2:30 p.m. regional time on Thursday, Bryan Police Department Lt. Jason James stated. The shooting occurred at 350 Stone City Drive, near the Brazos County Industrial Park.Several victims were transported to a local hospital, though the precise variety of injured and their conditions were unclear, James said.Detectives are carrying out witness interviews. There was no instant information concerning a suspect, James said.The Texas shooting comes just hours after President Joe Biden revealed a series of executive orders focused on curbing gun violence. Bidens executive actions, which are most likely to face legal obstacles, are focused on lowering mass shootings, suicides, and domestic violence.”Gun violence in this nation is an epidemic and it is a worldwide embarrassment,” Biden said Thursday.One of Bidens orders would direct the Department of Justice to write guidelines that will minimize the expansion of “ghost guns,” homemade guns typically made from parts bought online which do not have traceable serial numbers.Another order asks the DOJ to publish model “red flag” laws for states to utilize as guides, laws that enable member of the family or police to petition state courts to briefly obstruct individuals from getting firearms if they present a danger to themselves or others.This is a developing story, please examine back for updates. This material was initially released here.

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