ServiceNow BrandVoice: Buckle Up, Business Leaders—2021 Will Be A Bumpy Ride

In a work-anywhere world, you can work with the very best individual for the task regardless of location.
Casting the employing web beyond the distance of a daily commute can also assist alleviate metropolitan ills such as high housing expenses and traffic jam. It might even help create a more equitable society. Using talent from non-traditional locations supplies opportunities to certified candidates who may not be able to pay for living in a high-cost city location..
In time, the idea of skill centers might vanish completely as staff members select the most desirable locations to live and magnate realize the most gifted prospects do not always live within a 40-mile radius of company head office..
4) Rising issue about video platform information.
In this dispersed environment, video chat platforms will stay among our most valuable partnership tools. At the same time, they now host millions of hours of conversational video footage, much of it personal or sensitive in nature..
In 2021 well acknowledge the risk this presents, with privacy advocates and magnate sounding the alarm about its capacity for misuse..
While comparable to issues over clever speakers like Amazon Alexa tape-recording private conversations, the danger from video footage is far more dystopian. Think about, for example, an algorithm that identifies emotion or truthfulness and reports that information to HR..
Well awaken to these Orwellian possibilities in 2021..
While I predict that these patterns will define the year to come, I d like to close with one mega pattern: Remote work and the technology it generates will improve the business landscape in manner ins which are yet to be comprehended..
Simply put, buckle up. Weve just started. Thats why, of all the patterns Ive discussed, its the ways work shifts that Ill be watching most closely in 2021.

In other words, buckle up.

John D. Rockefeller: oil baron, family guy, remote work pioneer.
Library of Congress.
Its a fascinating historical tidbit, but what I discover truly interesting are Rockefellers motivations for setting up that telegraph wire in the very first location..
In the words of biographer Ron Chernow, he “mingled work and rest to speed himself and enhance performance.” Rockefeller himself observed, ” It is remarkable just how much all of us could do if we prevent hustling and go along at an even speed.”.
As we stop to show on this previous years grand experiment and turn a fresh eye to the future of work, Rockefellers words are worth remembering. With that in mind, here are the top work environment trends I think will impact organizations in 2021 and beyond..
1) Return of the 9 to 5.
Remote works flexibility is amongst its biggest benefits, however that flexibility has supercharged todays ” always-on” culture. In 2021, workers will rebel against the concept that they arent constantly working however are always readily available..
This accessibility appears safe, but as far back as 2018 a study on employer expectations found that the simple presumption that staff members will react and monitor to e-mails throughout non-work hours suffices to create tension and cause burnout. Thats why I believe we will organically return to an earlier age of more structured workdays..
This doesnt suggest flexibility will disappear. Rather, employees will communicate more stringent limits– for circumstances, an expectation that e-mails after six will go unanswered up until the following day..
2) New technologies for understanding work.
While remote work has its flaws, I dont see an en masse return to the workplace when the pandemic is contained. Thats due to the fact that the defects are not inherent to remote work, however rather the outcome of how we are working while remote..
In 2021, an essential part of the employee experience will shift from where you work to how you work..
I suspect there are a few billion-dollar ideas out there that address this truth ( though unfortunately, I do not have them myself). What I can say with self-confidence is well see the accelerated adoption of tools that reduce a few of the friction that arises in a dispersed world..
Digital workflows are one example of these tools. When matched with synthetic intelligence, they are incredibly powerful– dealing with important yet recurring work and bringing automation, performance, and structure to other daily functional jobs.
3) A new take on skill hubs.
What was the brand-new regular is on the edge of becoming just plain normal. And the accepted standard of remote work will sustain a continued shift in whats viewed as a talent hub..
The pandemic supplied an chance to reassess this location-based, ” talent attracts skill” calculus..

Wondering whats next? These 4 predictions will help you browse the new year.
John D. Rockefeller was probably the worlds very first remote employee..
In the mid 1800s, the oil baron put down telegraph wire between his office and house so he could spend afternoons with his household. He later credited this plan for his long life and career..

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