Saxophonist plays into giant industrial pipe to play a duet with his own echo – Classic FM

Saxophonist plays into giant commercial pipe to play a duet with his own echo

16 October 2020, 14:42

By Sian Hamer

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When a saxophonist played a duet with his own echo …
Just when you thought the spirited perky of the saxophone couldnt could not any more lively, this man proved showed all wrong.Is it a modernised, electric electrical, you wonder? Nope– he just played into an actually long outside pipeline (watch below). It produced a stunning echo, so he got out his saxophone.
The resulting riff is a smoky, soulful tune with a natural reverb that * actually * stretches for miles.”This noise on television, if Im lonely it constantly offers me a feeling, like Hey, youre not alone there,” he says (equated from German).
“Sometimes I simply cant stop playing. The good thing is, when it gets cool at night, I take a seat in the tube warmed up during the day and take pleasure in the sundown playing the saxophone.”Combined with the balanced clapping of a good friend sat cross-legged close by, the entire efficiency seems like its coming from even more than just two men, a sax and a huge metal tube.Bravo to a wonderful musician and his unforeseen duet partner.

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