Positive Vandalism: The Artist Creates Street Art in The Most Unusual Places

According to Heiko Silva: “The positive vandalism is the fight versus the routine, monotony, dullness, sobriety, lethargy, and industrialization that today drowns every bit of town or city that surrounds us.
It is a grain of sand to bring out little smiles, it is to stimulate the mind of the pedestrian who runs in a rush to his location and, for a moment, steal a second of his time and thought of something out of the prepared. It is to give color to the gray and white that it attacks us, it is offering nature to the concrete and brick that suffocates it, it is putting something where before there was “nothing”.
Likewise, I contribute a portion of all my profits to animal associations.”
More: SerenguetiArt, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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