Microsoft partners with SpaceX on a cloud computing business for space

In addition, Microsoft is coordinating with space business under the initiative to offer services to the market here on Earth. Among its most notable partners is SpaceX, which will supply the tech giant access to its Starlink satellite network for the Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC). The MDC is a self-contained datacenter system that can be transferred anywhere its needed for customers cloud computing and storage needs. It can operate in severe conditions and in difficult environments, including remote locations.Microsoft concluded its statement with a guarantee to assist customers in the space market with projects off and on the planet: “Our method assists to deal with the a few of the hardest technology challenges that our clients deal with in space: dealing with the large amount of information generated from satellites, bringing cloud services and bandwidth to the most remote places, and creating extremely intricate area systems. Combined with our ecosystem of partners than can assist bring this information to ground faster, were making it easier to discover insights and make connections that werent possible before. We are prepared to support consumers on their area objectives off and on the planet, and to use the power of cloud and area innovation to assist service across industries re-imagine services to a few of the worlds most tough issues.”

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