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Rajkot also understood as Chitranagri suggests the City of Painting is the fourth biggest city situated in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Rajkot is the center of Saurashtra which offers simple connectivity with other cities by air, train, and road. Individuals of Rajkot are really fond of Jewellery.

People of Rajkot are very keen on Jewellery. Gold chains, rings and people wearing other gold items can be seen on a day-to-day basis. The women normally wear Gujarati sari and males use Kurtas.

Rajkot has numerous popular tourist spots such as Jubilee Garden which has lots of monuments of colonial time, Rotary Dolls Museum which has a collection of 1400+ dolls, Connaught Hall, Mahatma Gandhi Museum, Gandhi Jis youth house, Watson Museum which has a collection of human history and culture, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Darbargarh Haveli, and a lot more. Hemu Gadhvi Natyagraha is among the very first non-profit theatre devoted to Gujarati Play.

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Rajkot likewise understood as Chitranagri means the City of Painting is the 4th biggest city located in the Saurashtra area of Gujarat. Rajkot is the center of Saurashtra which gives simple connectivity with other cities by air, train, and road.

The economy of the city majorly consists of products such as jewelry, bearings, cooking area knives, diesel motor, maker tools, automobile parts under Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). All the details on these industries like Name, Phone Number, Address, Name of the key person can be found on Indian Business Pages.

Rajkot has 19 Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). Namely: Aji Gidc commercial directory site, Bamanbor Gidc commercial directory site, Bhaktinagar Gidc commercial directory, Dhoraji Gidc industrial directory, Gondal-2-part-ii Gidc industrial directory, Gondal-I Gidc commercial directory site, Gondal-ii Gidc industrial directory, Jasadan Gidc industrial directory site, Jetpur Gidc commercial directory site, Kotda– Sangani Gidc industrial directory, Kuvadwa Gidc commercial directory, Lodhika Gidc commercial directory site, Morbi Gidc commercial directory, Mota Dahisara Gidc commercial directory site, Paddhari Gidc commercial directory site, Rafaleshwar Gidc commercial directory site, Upleta Gidc commercial directory, Vaghasiya Gidc commercial directory site, Wankaner Gidc commercial directory site.

The important festivals of the area are Navratri which is commemorated for nine days performing the popular Garba Dance worshiping Ma Shakti, Janmashtami which is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishana and a five day Mela is organized at the Race Course Ground, Diwali is celebrated for a week and Uttarayan which is also called Makar Sankranti is commemorated by flying kites on 14th January.

Considering that Rajkot is multicultural, individuals here typically speak many languages such as Gujarati, Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, etc. Considering that Rajkot belongs of Kathiyawad, people speak kathiyawadi Gujarati and are also called as Kathiyawadi.

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