How to Rent a Private Movie Theater During the Pandemic

Image: Sha Hanting/China News Service (Getty Images)Even if youre a cinema junkie, going to a public cinema might well be the last thing on your social order of business throughout a pandemic– but you can now lease theaters for personal screenings for a sensible expense. Cinemas have actually struggled together with the remainder of the show business with shutdowns and social distancing, which is why numerous companies, including AMC and Cinemark, have opened their doors to small, private group events. Heres how to lease a personal theater. Rent out an AMC theaterAMC Theatres is leasing its auditoriums for groups of up to 20 people at a starting price of $99 (plus tax). Depending on the motion picture and location, rates might increase to $349. These are the films currently available for personal provings: 2 HeartsThe Conjuring The Conjuring 2The Curse of La LloronaHocus PocusHonest ThiefHow to Train Your DragonJumanji: The Next LevelJurassic ParkMonsters, Inc.The New MutantsThe Nightmare Before ChristmasShrekSonic the HedgehogTenetThe War With GrandpaTo book, youll fill out an online type with your desired film and favored date, time and theater location. AMC states it might take 3 days to examine your demand, and advises you to finalize your booking at least a week beforehand. G/O Media might get a commissionYou can personalize your experience, too: add concessions (popcorn and beverage coupons sold at an extra cost), lease a microphone so you can personally invite your guests ($100), or nix the 15 minutes of previews prior to your film. Lease a Cinemark theaterCinemark is also renting its theaters for private groups. The business has a $99 deal similar to AMCs (with $49 discounts in some areas on certain nights), but the procedure is a little different; youll schedule all the tickets for an existing public showtime rather. Considering that these reservations are limited, they might be sold out in your area. Examine whats readily available at your nearby movie theater. Otherwise, Cinemark likewise provides what they call exceptional personal screenings, which are more adjustable (and more expensive) rental packages.Check your local theatersYour local theater or local theater chain might likewise be doing personal parties– Harkins (places in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas) and Megaplex (Utah) offer such screening packages, for example.

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