Global methane soars to record levels- NOAA – Reuters

REUTERS/Mike BlakeRegister now for FREE unrestricted access to Reuters.comRegisterWASHINGTON, April 7 (Reuters) – Global levels of the powerful greenhouse gas methane rose to a record high for a second consecutive year in 2021, according to data launched by NOAA on Thursday, striking the highest levels since researchers began measuring these emissions almost four years ago.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists observed a record annual boost in climatic levels of methane, the second most widespread greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide, of 17 parts per billion (ppb). Fossil fuel production and usage contributes nearly one-third of total methane emissions.The preliminary information highlights how substantially methane has been undervalued by federal governments and comes after over 100 countries have concurred to collectively slash emissions of the gas by 30% by the end of the decade.Register now for FREE endless access to Reuters.comRegister”Reducing methane emissions is an essential tool we can utilize right now to minimize the impacts of environment modification in the near term, and decrease the rate of warming,” NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad said in a statement.The report showed that levels of carbon dioxide likewise continued to increase quickly, with the global surface average for carbon dioxide throughout 2021 at 414.7 parts per million (ppm), an increase of 2.66 ppm over the 2020 average.While both methane and CO2 warm the environment, the two greenhouse gases are not equal. A single carbon dioxide particle causes less warming than a methane molecule– however remains for hundreds of years in the atmosphere whereas methane vanishes within 2 decades.Scientists state commercial sources of methane are relatively basic to identify and ease off using existing innovation.

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