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The sources of the state Hyderabad is a facility of the IT location along with in a similar way additionally significant firm like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, together with Google hold a substantial visibility. The substantial Industries of Telangana come under Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC).
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People of Telangana like consuming food in addition to the suggested food are Sarva Pindi which is made from rice, chana dal, flour as well as additionally furthermore peanuts, Malidalu which is made from chapatti products with dry-fruits, Sakinalu which is made with the rice along with on top of that sesame seed along with furthermore is deep-fried, Garijalu in addition to Qubani ka Meetha are the preferred superior foods of the state.

Telangana, the 29th state of India split on 2 June 2014 from Andhra Pradesh is exposed on the south element of the Indian peninsula. The Telangana state is drained pipelines pipes by 2 rivers i.e. 69% of the Krishna River catchment area along with 79% of the Godavari River catchment place. The economic scenario of state depends usually on farming along with the 2 rivers Godavari in addition to additionally Krishna help in watering.

There are great deals of traveler places in the state in addition to on top of that the considerable ones are Nagarjuna Sagar Dam which is created on Krishna River together with additionally is the worlds finest useful stonework dam, Warangal is historical internet site which takes you to the age of Kings in addition to Queens with its all-natural traveler destination, Bhadrachalam which is believed to have occasions of Ramayana, Adilabad has gurgling decreases along with also vibrant culture, Secunderabad which remains to stay in improvement recognized as the “Twin city of Hyderabad, Karimnagar which is completely recognized for Gandhi centenary Museum, Chilkur Balaji Temple which remains to stay in an equal method understood as VISA amazing area, Kanakai lowers, Gaytri drops, Murgavani National Park, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary are in addition numerous other visitor locations.

The Telangana state is drained pipes by 2 rivers i.e. 69% of the Krishna River catchment location along with similarly 79% of the Godavari River catchment location. The financial setup of state depends normally on farming in addition to the 2 rivers Godavari together with Krishna assistance in watering. Rice is the significant food containing sugar walking strolling stick, cotton, cigarette, along with furthermore in a similar way mango.

Telangana, the 29th state of India separated on 2 June 2014 from Andhra Pradesh is placed on the south component of the Indian peninsula. It is the 12th most substantial state with an area of 112,077 sq kilometres.

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