Daily briefing: Skydiving salamanders caught on film

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Tomatoes naturally produce a precursor to vitamin D. Shutting down a path that converts it to other chemicals causes the precursor to accumulate.Credit: Getty

3 min read Reference: Current Biology paperFeatures & & opinionChemist Yurii Moroz is the executive director of Chemspace, a market-place for little molecules and biomolecules headquartered in Kyiv. In a silently moving essay, he shares the effect of 3 months of Russian attacks– from the unexploded cluster bomb in his grandparents garden to his forced separation from his children. Still, he and a couple of staying coworkers carry on, in some cases working from an air-raid shelter under the stairs in the workplace. “We feel its crucial for us to do our part, as providers of essential materials for scientists, but likewise as Ukrainian citizens,” he composes. “When the sirens start, we disconnect our laptop computers, take our personal files and plod down the stairs.” Nature
Briefing fans will remember that the project to raise the statue was begun four years ago by 11-year-old Evie Swire, who is now, unsurprisingly, 15. “Its taken a very long time, Im not as big a fossil fan,” states Swire, who nonetheless persisted in her effort to see Anning properly recognized. Please send your feedback (whether favorable or crucial) to [email protected] for reading, Flora Graham, senior editor, Nature BriefingWith contributions by Nicky Phillips.

Due to the fact that researchers didnt place brand-new genes– they just switched one off, a mutation that could likewise have happened naturally– the plants will face fewer regulations in many nations. 5 min checked out Reference: Nature paper Global warming made this years deadly and long-running heatwave in India and Pakistan 30 times more likely to happen. 5 min read Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to help vaccine development, drug design, products discovery, area technology and ship design– developing one of the biggest risks patent systems have actually dealt with. 10 min read Several scientists are amongst Times pick of the 100 most influential individuals of 2022. – Climatologist Panmao Zhai and climate researcher Valérie Masson-Delmotte, the co-chairs of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change working group 1, are profiled by environmentalist Bill McKibben.

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