Buy Things Not Experiences!

In fact, there is no genuine border in between experiences and things. And there are thing-like experiences, like an Instagrammable getaway that gathers a bunch of likes but soon fades from memory.
Much of what is wrong with our modern-day way of lives is, in a sense, a matter of overconsuming experiences. Health care, too, is a modern experience that is finest avoided.

A good, well-reasoned piece from Harold Lee pushing back on the concept that we ought to purchase experiences not products:
While I value the Stoic-style appraisal of what truly brings joy, financially, this analysis seems exactly backward. It amounts to stating that in an age of industrialization and globalism, when material goods are less expensive than ever, we must prevent partaking of this abundance. Instead, we ought to consume services afflicted by Baumols cost disease, taking long getaways and getting pricey hairstyles which are simply as hard to produce as ever.
Put that way, the concentrate on minimalism seems like a new kind of obvious intake. Now that even the poor can afford product goods, lets denigrate items while highlighting the staying high-ends that just the wealthy can delight in and reveal off to their good friends.
… tools and belongings enable brand-new experiences. In reality, there is no real limit in between things and experiences. And there are thing-like experiences, like an Instagrammable vacation that collects a bunch of likes however soon fades from memory.
Indeed, much of what is incorrect with our modern way of lives is, in a sense, a matter of overconsuming experiences. The sectors of the economy that are ending up being more expensive every year– which are preventing individuals from building long lasting wealth– include property and education, both products that are offered by the guarantee of irreplaceable “experiences.” Health care, too, is a contemporary experience that is best avoided. As a percent of GDP, these are the growing expenditures that are consuming up individualss wallets, not durable items. If we truly desire to live a minimalist life, then forget about getting rid of boxes of things, and concentrate on scaling down education, property, and healthcare.
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