After Math: No Dune for you! Come back, one year!

Engadget Having already prohibited QAnon, Facebook took another swing with its restriction hammer last week taking goal at almost a dozen mini-networks of misinformation. That consisted of 200 Facebook accounts, 55 Facebook pages and 76 Instagram accounts– however actually just a drop in the digital ocean given FBs huge reach and scope.Engadget Facebook wasnt the only one hectic prohibiting in recent weeks. Case in point, the company has simply released its first 4K OLED for the jaw dropping rate of $1200– $1100 if you take benefit of the $100-off launch sale.Engadget The future of fast food might well revolve around robotics and automated production– specifically as COVID limitations gut the food service market, permanently shutter dining establishments, and move our dining experiences exclusively towards take-out– however they will never ever, ever, be able replace the American Spectacle ™ that is the Waffle House fight.

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