A just transition away from the war economy and military-industrial complex is possible

A just transition away from the war economy and military-industrial complex is possible

Since World War II, the US economy has become increasingly dependent on the war market to provide jobs. It was, in reality, World War II that converted our existing economy into one depending on federal government costs from the Pentagon and its involved agencies and markets. But it is possible to transform the economy back the other method, from one focused on the war industry to one that creates great tasks while resolving the existential risks of the climate emergency, pandemics, and environmental destruction.

In this panel conversation tape-recorded on March 10, 2021, and organized by the War Industries Resisters Network ( WIRN), panelists talk about the existential need to transition away from the war economy and the useful steps that would make it possible. (WIRN is a coalition of local groups and organizations across the US and all over the world that are opposing their regional war industries and teaming up to face business control of US foreign policy.) With consent from the occasion organizers, we are sharing this recording with TRNN audiences.

Panelists Include: Miriam Pemberton, creator of the Peace Economy Transitions Project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, and author of the upcoming book Six Stops on the National Security Tour: Rethinking Warfare Economies; David Story, a third-generation union member born and raised in Alabama, President of the Machinists & & Aerospace Workers Union Local 44 in Decatur, Alabama, and a founding member of the Huntsville IWW; Taylor Barnes, an acclaimed, multilingual investigative journalist based in Atlanta who covers military affairs and the defense industry, and whose work has actually been released in local and nationwide media outlets, including Southerly Magazine, Facing South, Responsible Statecraft, and The Intercept. This panel is hosted by Ken Jones of Reject Raytheon Asheville, a local movement of activists and peacemakers who have come together to ensure that the financial advancement of Buncombe County relies not on rewards provided to war profiteering international corporations, however rather on financial investments in a sustainable local economic design.

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