A Florida family has been indicted after posing as ‘church’ and selling industrial bleach as ‘miracle’ cure for COVID-19, HIV, and cancer

A Florida household was indicted for offering industrial bleach and promoting it to be the cure COVID-19 and other medical conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and hiv/aids, according to the Department of Justice.

They are implicated of offering “Miracle Mineral Solution,” MMS, recommending that consuming the product – that was not FDA approved -would prevent and cure COVID, the DOJ stated. The Grenons are implicated of selling the product while posing online as a “non-religious church” called “Genesis II Church of Health and Healing” to avoid getting caught and to “legalize the usage of MMS,” according to the DOJ. The DOJ stated the household was able to disperse the item nationwide and racked up more than $1 million for selling the deceptive cure.The press release states that the household likewise previously broken orders from the court that informed them to stop selling MMS, but they failed to comply.
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